Viacheslav Borisenko

Software engineer


I was born on June 3, 1986 in the city of Kaliningrad. Since childhood, I was fond of technology, always busy with a variety of instruments, motors, once made a self-propelled boat with my friend , some cars, but disassembling was always the best thing to do. Then ,I had my first STB "Subor", which started my acquaintance with the world of programming. There were 2 instructions with examples of programs that you could put in the BASIC interpreter and admire the result. Then I had the first computer Pentium 1, with new games) I quickly got tired of playing, because I am not that nerdy, and at that time there was no such diversity as it is today, but it ,as always ,depends on a person. And so I decided to plunge into the world of computer technology, bought a book on assembler under x86, and slowly began to study it. I was doing simple programs for DOS. I went to college, studied "Maintenance of computers and computer networks." Then went to the army. There, a colleague told me about the wonderful language of programming -Java, which attracted me with its cross-platforming , and the ability to create applications for Android. After the Army, I found work as an administrator, was mastered PHP. but without putting Java away. Then I worked as a programmer on the server PHP, Java and then moved to developing for Android, and that is what I do to this day. From time to time ,I do my own projects. If you are interested in more information about the work, the technologies click here. Not that long ago, I had my first degree on "Development of an automated system for the protection of mobile devices based on SIM-cards from being stolen".

Sport is one of the most important things in my life, which takes almost all my free time. I practice at the school of Wushu "Flying Dragon". Through Wushu classes, I was introduced to the eastern culture and philosophy.     Also, I like to draw, you can see my work here.